The Man-Boy Leadership Institute (MBLI) is an after school child mentoring program that we provide at Concerned Christian Men.  Our program focuses on empowering young men to explore different career choices and to encourage their academic success.  We strive to accomplish this by improving the self-efficacy of our students.

Students that take part in our program will be exposed to a number of different career fields, each with the potential to change their lives and allow them to make positive contributions to their community.  These careers are in various professional fields, including:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health/Medical
  • Multimedia
  • Community Development
  • And many more!

Participating students will have the opportunity to complete hands on projects and develop their leadership skills as they learn to write business plans, create proposals for plans to improve their schools, and implement projects designed to raise the awareness of different health issues impacting their local community.

Students involved in the child mentoring program will also be introduced to the CCM Principles of Manhood.  Our mentors provide a supportive and therapeutic atmosphere that will help provide them with the social and emotional skills required to develop into transformational leaders.

The Man-Boy Leadership Institute seeks to not only prepare students to be outstanding in all areas of their life, but to use the knowledge they acquire through the program for the greater good of their communities.