At Concerned Christian Men, we employ a theory of change that we believe is the driver to all our programs.  Students must be exposed to unfamiliar challenges and new possibilities in order to raise their standard for success.  We use our SCAPS (Student Culture and Achievement Progress System) Points to track and develop student growth throughout the school year, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of our child mentoring programs.  Our scoring system was developed based recommendations from various community leaders and school administrators in the target area.  Points are calculated for each and every one of the young men who attend any of our CCM events during the course of the school year.  

Students Earn SCAPS Points for:

  • A’s in Core Subjects: Math, Science, Reading, Writing
  • Conduct Letters from Teachers
  • Homework Completion Rates
  • School Attendance
  • Leadership Projects
  • Monthly 5 Paragraph Essay Contest
  • CCM Literacy Homework Assignments
  • Program Attendance
  • Report Card GPA

The 50 students who earn the highest number of SCAPS points are rewarded at the end of the school year with a five-day scholarship to the CCM summer camp.  These young men are the performers and competitors who have demonstrated to themselves and to others throughout our child mentoring program that they can rise above their unfavorable circumstances, overcome adversity, and achieve their desired goals.