Concerned Christian Men have designed our programs around our intentional change theory.  We work hard to ensure that our programs and Christian mentoring have the ability to transform students into positive, contributing members of their communities by utilizing what we call the 4G’s.  The 4G’s are used to design, implement, and evaluate every Concerned Christian Men program.

4 Requirements to a 4G goal:

Our Christian mentoring implements our 4G Framework, used to help young men understand how to set goals, as well as develop realistic plans to achieve those goals.  There are four requirements to our 4G Framework.  Students will learn how to:


Seek out the Lord and his plan for your life. Ask him for the desires of your heart.


Write down your goals and put them in a place you can see everyday. Then start working toward them everyday.


Seek a mentor who can help you navigate the various pitfalls of life.


Feel the fear and do it anyway. Even when you are tired and stressed.