Our Schools

At Concerned Christian Men, we aim to provide at risk students in the Chicago area with the strong leaders, support figures, and role models they need to help shape them into contributing members of their community and put them on a path towards a brighter, more positive future. We work with Elementary Schools from 4th – 8th grade. Many of the boys remain in our program throughout high school.

School Partnerships

  • Simeon Career Academy
  • Arthur R. Ashe Elementary
  • Edward A. Bouchet Math & Science Elementary
  • Burnham Elementary Inclusive
  • Charles W. Earle Elementary
  • Robert Fulton Elementary
  • William A. Carter Elementary School
  • LaVizzo Elementary School
  • Urban Prep Bronzeville
  • Anna R. Langford Academy
  • Parkside Elementary
  • John T. Pirie Fine Arts & Academic Center
  • Henry O Tanner Elementary
  • James N. Thorp Elementary
  • Caldwell Elementary
  • Dulles School of Excellence
  • Harold Washington Elementary

  • Students Living in Poverty
    • 100% of the students at our partnering schools receive free or reduced lunch program assistance.
  • Schools on Academic Probation
    • 31% of our schools are level 2 tier schools.
    • Over 56% of our partnering schools are level 3 schools with probation status ranging from 2-18 years.
  • Schools with Limited Resources
    • 100% of CCM schools receive some level of free programming.
    • 62% of CCM schools receive free transportation to our Saturday programs.
  • Schools looking for Collaborative Partners
    • CCM works closely with administrators from our partner schools to target students that have the strongest need for male mentoring services and after school care programs.
    • Partnered School staff members serve as volunteers at CCM after school care programs in Chicago.
    • School administrators provide CCM with access to student records to track their academic progress.

This month, our current school spotlight goes to

Bouchet Elementary Math & Science Academy

Bouchet Elementary is an outstanding partner that has been doing great work with our organization and in the community.  We thank them for being an Outstanding School Partner!