We host a number of different events at Concerned Christian Men to accommodate these young men for their hard work and success throughout the semester.  We understand that making big changes to your life can be difficult, and it takes hard work and dedication to stay on track, so we think it is important to take the time to celebrate their achievements throughout the semester.

Concerned Christian Men Events

Man-Boy Breakfast

On the 3rd Saturday of each month of the school year, Concerned Christian Men hosts the Man-Boy Breakfast.  This is our flagship event and features a delicious breakfast followed by a keynotes speaker.  Our past keynotes speakers include some of the most outstanding business, political, athletic, and religious figures in the Chicago area.

CCM Membership Meetings

The Concerned Christian Men hold a monthly membership meeting to welcome new members and discuss current and upcoming events for the organization. The membership meeting is the perfect forum for the discussion of new ideas, refining old ideas and asking questions.

Vocational Saturday

Vocational Saturday is an event we host at Concerned Christian Men designed to expose our participants to a number of different careers in a variety of job fields.  Students get hands on experience, under the guide of industry professionals, to gain a better understand of what it’s like working in different industries.

 John E. Everette Awards Luncheon

Each year, we host an Annual Awards Celebration and Luncheon to accommodate our students for their hard work and the progress they have made throughout the school year.  Attendees will enjoy a nice dinner, followed by an awards ceremony to reward students for their accomplishments.

Summer Camp

At the end of the school year, we honor our program’s top CCM point earners with the opportunity to attend Beechpoint Summer Camp, paid for by us, to reward their success! Our camp features a number of exciting activities and events, including water sports, zip lining, rock climbing, and much more!

Tracking Student Achievement

At Concerned Christian Men, we have developed a program, called SCRAPS (Student Culture and Achievement Progress System), to record and track the progress of each of our students throughout the school year.  Students are rewarded with SCRAPS points for their accomplishments, such as attendance, good grades, and leadership projects, to track their development over time, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs.

 Sabbath Day Bible Study

The Concerned Christian Men host the Sabbath Day Bible study twice a month to celebrate the Sabbath and to learn God’s word. It is an opportunity for Men to come together, fellowship and learn God’s plan. It is one of the cornerstones of our organization as we believe that praying together helps to keep us together

 CCM Student Seminars

The Concerned Christian Men have met with students since 1998 to teach basic Christian principles. The Student Seminars are designed to create an environment where the young men can feel free to ask any question or discuss any topic as it relates to God’s teachings and their life. This forum has produced some emotional and powerful discussions as these young men travel the path to manhood.

Man-Boy Leadership Institute ( Currently Inactive )

The Man-Boy Leadership Institute is an after-school mentoring program provided here at CCM.  The program focuses on encourage these young men to explore and discover new career pathways, as well as their continued academic success.

Hightower Oratory Contest

This annual contest started in the early 2000’s meant to teach young men the art of Public Speaking. Young men are given the choice to select their own historical speech or be assigned a speech by the Concerned Christian Men.